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The Otways will be alive with live music, performances and food for the next two weekends as part of the WinterWilds Festival. Previously described as “dark, wild and a bit dirty”, this dark arts festival is the perfect way to celebrate the end of winter.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 hedonistic events, concerts and ceremonies not to miss this year WinterWildincluding a bug-filled lunch, graveyard tour and live performances from acts like Amyl and The Sniffers.

The Dog Watch

Festive brazier

No winter festival is complete without a spectacular opening and closing ceremony, and that’s exactly what The Watchdog is. The piece is inspired by mermaids, the half-woman, half-bird creatures that lured sailors to their demise in Greek mythology. It’s perfectly fitting for a festival that takes place along the Shipwreck Coast, where more than 700 boats are believed to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The Dogwatch is run by Roderick Poole, a street theater artist who has performed around the world and a local farmer. It will also showcase the talents of local artists, dancers and musicians.

Amyl and the sniffers

Apollo Bay Distillery Outdoor Space

They’ve performed on some of the world’s biggest stages, and now the Melbourne band Amyl and the sniffers return to Victoria for the WinterWild Festival. Fresh off their sets at Glastonbury, Coachella and Royal Albert Hall, Australia’s favorite punk rock band will perform at Apollo Bay Distillery. The band shot to fame in 2019, when they won Best Rock Album at the ARIA Awards, and haven’t stopped since, touring all over the US, UK and Europe.

The Wild Party

Festive brazier

At the heart of WinterWild is The Wild Party. Enter the Brazier Festival where you’ll be greeted by roaring fire pits, bubbling cauldrons and smoker barbecues, cooking seafood fresh from the boats of the Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-op. There’s Spanish paella, grilled hibachi, and seafood bouillabaisse with octopus and deep-sea fish. To keep you warm, they’ll also serve mulled wine and hot toddy all night long. Be sure to book to reserve a spot for this one.

Litigious buffet

Apollo Bay Community Hall

Once upon a time, Apollo Bay lobster was considered a sea cockroach, and now it has become one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. Rejoin Anthemin and sky prawns for an unpredictable and innovative lunch showcasing the wonders of insects at Litigious buffet. As part of the session, there will be lectures and discussions on insects in pop culture, food neophobia, and how insects could be the future of eco-friendly protein.

Winter ocean polo shirt

Location to be determined

Everyone knows that games are instantly more exciting when played in the dark, that’s why WinterWild organizes a night game of water polo. Competitors will dive across the icy southern ocean with a glow-in-the-dark ball, goals and uniform. The light show will showcase local talent and commitment to the sport, as teams compete in the cold under the moonlight.

Diving in winter


Diving in freezing water is nothing new. People have been doing it for centuries, and over the past two years influencers have also jumped on the bandwagon, touting the benefits of a stronger immune system, reduced heart stress and increased recovery. . WinterWild offers you the chance to be an honorary member of the local club, Point Plonkers, and participate in an icy sunrise swim. The only requirement is to skip the combination…

Live in the cemetery

Apollon Bay Cemetery

A good ghost story always starts in a graveyard, and that’s exactly where this one begins. Live in the cemetery offers you the chance to walk among the dead while learning about the lives that were lost along the sinking coast. Guided by local legend, Bob Knowles, you’ll have all the tea on those who came before us.


United Church Hall

In traditional Chinese beliefs, Qi is the vital energy that exists in all living beings. Apollo Bay Local and Founder of Inasoul, Dani Cullen, will lead a moving meditation with qigong practices to help release energy that isn’t serving you and restore your body’s natural flow. This is an opportunity to let go to rest and soothe the soul, perfect after a long and cold winter.

Group somatic sound walks

Location to be determined

It wouldn’t be a festival in the Otways without a Somatic sound walk. Guided by artists Claire Lefebvre and Zoltan Fesco, this full-body experience will let you experience the Otways like never before. Hear stories of evolution, culture and the future through a soundscape among the trees.

moon garden

Apollo Bay Sailing Club

For the last day of the festival, moon garden offers guests a chance to dance by the waters edge in the moonlight to performances by Kim Moyles, half of electronic duo The Presents, Big Yawn and Sleep D. Celebrate the end of a wild and deep winter, and the final event of Victoria’s best winter festival.

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