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What to expect at Aurora, the Mornington Peninsula’s new sultry spa and bath, opening next month

By on September 20, 2022 0

First came the gigantic new public bar and beer garden. Then it was famed Melbourne chef Scott Pickett’s first regional fine-dining restaurant, Audrey’s, as well as the lavish late-night barlow. And what followed was an extravagant Intercontinental hotel.

The final piece of the puzzle at Conti in Sorrento, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, is Aurora Spa & Bathhouse. It is due to open at the compound in late October, run by Aurora Spa Group, which until recently had a location in St Kilda in Melbourne’s southeast.

The spectacular 1000 square meter relaxation destination will accommodate 60 people at a time. Dive into four interconnecting hydrotherapy pools, starting with what has been dubbed the Daydream Pool. Or block out the world around you in a floating magnesium room.

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There will also be a very large Nordic-inspired wood-covered sauna; an aromatherapy hammam; “sensory” showers; and a whole suite of halotherapy, which involves breathing air containing tiny particles of salt.

Another feature is the “Glacial Mist Room”. Located at an alpine temperature, it is a refined bathhouse version of the Finnish tradition of rolling in the snow after a sauna.

Plus, expect to find eight treatment rooms where you can relax alone or with a partner, and a store with a dedicated apothecary station where you can create your own blend of bath salts.

Behind the design is Woods Bagot, who was inspired by the area’s breathtaking coastline; think soft oak, sandy terrazzo and brass furniture.

Aurora Bath & Spahouse is scheduled to open at 23 Constitution Hill Road, Sorrentoend of October.