Vaccines send death threats to Melbourne woman

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A woman in Melbourne has been assaulted by death threats from anti-vaccines over her vaccination plan for her area.

Chrissie Maus came up with an idea for a traffic light vaccination system for people wishing to visit the Chapel Street area and take the tour.

The precinct general manager’s system would turn green if a buyer received the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, yellow for one and red for none.

She submitted it to the Victorian government for approval last month.

However, it seems there are a lot of people who aren’t happy with the idea of ​​a shopping district dictating who should and shouldn’t be allowed in.

Vaccines managed to track down her personal information on social media and bombard her with angry messages.

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Talk to ABC 7:30, Ms Maus explained, “I have been absolutely bombarded with hundreds of anti-vaccine drugs and received multiple death threats. I have received so many calls on my phone, my emails, my private messages. ”

The Chapel Street shopping district stretches for four kilometers across South Yarra, Prahran, Windsor and St Kilda, and this is where many people like to stroll for window shopping or shopping.

However, many wonder how this enclosure will function once the lockdown restrictions end and the people of Melbourne are allowed to return to their normal lives.

It will all depend on how long the state takes until 70-80% of its population is fully immunized.

Chrissie explained that tying vaccinations to people’s freedoms should be enough of an incentive to increase those numbers.

“We have to give people a carrot. We have to tell people that if you are double vaccinated you can go to the bar and have a cocktail with your girlfriend, you can get your hair done,” she said.

“Our businesses are ready and willing to cross all obstacles to reopen safely. The sooner we do, the better for the livelihoods, mental health and well-being of all.”

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has warned that unvaccinated people could be ‘locked in’ places like pubs and restaurants when it reopens.

“What will become a more important part of our response is the locking down of many sites for those who are not vaccinated,” he said. “I am not going to lock down the whole state to protect the people who would not protect themselves.

“If you are not vaccinated (…) the chances of booking a ticket to a sporting event, going to a pub will be very limited.”


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