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After developing a cult movement in Sydney, tokyo lamington has just opened the doors of its own operation in Melbourne. A joint venture between dessert connoisseurs Eddie Stewart (Black Star Pastry) and Min Chai (N2 Extreme Gelato), the developed his passion for the nostalgic square cake while performing it as a special at his Tokyo cafe, the Club Brunch N2.

After the lamington became a smash hit with its OG iteration (chocolate, coconut, cream and raspberry jam), they started exploring more native flavors with black sesame as well as a yuzu meringue.

Melbourne’s newest location on Elgin Street in Carlton is a modular-style lamington boutique, speaking to co-owner Eddie Stewart, he described what attracted them to the site: “It’s not on the main road, the neighbors are nice and I just really like Carlton because it’s a bit quieter and more welcoming.”

It’s not the first time Melbourne have seen Tokyo Lamington, earlier this year they appeared at Le Bajo in North Melbourne for an all-weekend run. The sold-out event was a big factor in the team’s decision to open a second location.

“It was a bit of a test of the waters, it’s the most intimidating thing to go to another state and open a store because that’s not your territory, you don’t know any suppliers and you don’t don’t know what people want,” Eddy said.

Eddie’s anxieties were quickly assuaged as since it opened last Thursday, the shop has swelled with new and experienced lamington enthusiasts. “It’s been crazy so far, it honestly surprised me, yesterday and today it was manic, we had queues all day.”

There are eight different lamington options, the menu changes but three remain fixed, the OG, Yuzu Meringue and Fairy Bread, you’ll also find smarter renditions like tiramisu and even lamington crème caramel on the cards.

If you’re not too sugar-inclined, the savory options here give lamingtons a bacon and edamame quiche, pork Katsu sausage roll, and beef rendang pie, all entirely homemade.

tokyo lamington is located at 258 Elgin Street Carlton, you can even order online this way.

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