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The newly minted Golden Fleece Hotel brings you a piece of Santorini this summer; offering Melburnians the perfect hot-weather escape. Local restaurateurs Isaac Constantine and Zachery Riggs, responsible for South Yarra’s favorite Two Wrongs, have taken over the reins of the 150-year-old pub to create a brand new Greek-inspired oasis.

Located a short walk from Montague Street in the heart of South Melbourne, you’ll be immediately greeted on the first level with white sandstone banquettes and wall tables lined with eclectically decorated vases and wild cacti. But the atmosphere changes immediately as you climb the mosaic stairs to the second floor. The upper level is specially designed for nightlife with its black walls and exposed brickwork, a DJ booth at one end and a pool table in the center.

The greatest asset of the Golden Fleece Hotel is its open-air roof which extends from the upper level. Here you can enjoy the sunsets and the city skyline while taking in the aesthetics of the Greek island. The roof has been fitted with cabin seating and a fireplace as well as balcony seating.

But if you come for the inside, you will definitely stay for the food. The pasta and pizza menu is extensive and designed to make you want to indulge yourself and not exercise self-control with your order. Savor the argo dulce rigatoni vodka which includes a tomato and vodka sauce finished with Fior di latte shavings or the Fungo Pazzo pizza which is topped with porcini, truffled button mushrooms, tomato sugo, mozzarella and gorgonzola. Or if you can’t engage in the drool-worthy carb party, you can opt for one of the lighter appetizers, like fresh lemon oysters or Salt and Sechaun squid.

If you’re a big fan, the Golden Fleece Hotel offers cocktails like the “Great Balls Of Fire,” a blend of tequila, mezcal, spicy pineapple, mango and lime. A combination definitely worthy of a hangover. Now you can also keep the party going at home thanks to the Golden Fleece Hotel’s own bottle shop with wines and even cocktails to go. They have also just raised the bar to announce that an alcohol subscription service will be launched soon.

the hotel of the golden fleece

Whether you’re looking to get away from the city but can’t afford the plane ticket or you’ve exhausted all of your vacation, The Golden Fleece is the perfect destination for Friday night knockoffs or long haul. Saturday evening dinners. Head south to Melbourne for upscale pub food served with a side of Europe.

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