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While the sleepy town of Templestowe doesn’t get the glory of its better-known neighbors Eltham and Doncaster, there’s plenty to love about this suburb. Located 10 miles northeast of Melbourne’s CBD, Templestowe has many sprawling nature parks, as well as great cafes and family restaurants.

What is Templestowe famous for?

Westerfolds Park is in a prime position in Templestowe, just off the busy Fitzsimons Lane, with 123 hectares of parkland alongside the River Yarra. Another popular place to breathe fresh air by the Yarra River is Petty’s Orchard, a 44-hectare apple orchard open to visitors.

Why do the locals love it?

Morgana Eastman-Santi, manager of the Power Plant Café, says Templestowe’s parks and playgrounds are her highlights. “People love green spaces like Westerfolds Park, and Wombat Bend is wonderful for kids and has an amazing playground,” she says.

How do I get to Templestowe?

Not the best served by public transport, you are limited to bus services as there are no trains or trams. The 281 bus runs from Templestowe to Deakin University in Burwood via Box Hill, while the 905 service runs between the city and the Pines Mall, via Templestowe. There are also excellent walking trails such as the Main Yarra Trail which starts at Westerfolds and ends at Southbank 33km later.

What’s nearby?

The leafy, somewhat hippie but wealthy town of Eltham lies to the north of Templestowe, with Lower Plenty to the west. Doncaster is to the south beyond Lower Templestowe.

Map of Templestowe

If you only do one thing…

Pack a picnic (or stock up on bronuts from Down The Rabbit Hole) and enjoy the outdoors in Westerfolds Park. This native bush is home to kangaroos, echidnas, wombats, platypus, possums, and a wide variety of birds, so it’s a great place for nature viewing.