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Tasman Holiday Parks Raises $ 300 Million to Boost Growth Through Acquisition

By on November 3, 2021 0


“We are looking for assets that present strong growth opportunities. We are really focused on acquiring assets where we can see that there is a strong opportunity to extract value over the next three to five years.

She said plans to develop existing properties would generate an additional 500 sites and that the $ 300 million in new funding came from a range of investors, including sovereign wealth funds, institutions and high net worth individuals.

Nikki Milne, CEO of Tasman Holiday Parks

“Our pipeline is really deep and we are working with new acquisitions approaching $ 80 million which is either under contract or under offer,” said Ms. Milne.

While Queensland and New South Wales remain in mind, “we are looking at assets in other states within two to three hours of major population centers.

“We will focus on core tourism assets and mixed-use assets which will have a combination of tourism, annuals and permanent.”

Further acquisitions are also likely in New Zealand, where, with five fleets, Tasman is already the largest operator.

“We are really excited about the opportunities in New Zealand. We have a first mover advantage in New Zealand, we are the number one group of companies, so we would definitely be looking to expand there, ”she said.

Ms Milne, former COO of Ingenia Communities Group, described tourism and camping vacations as “an emerging mega-trend” that has gained momentum thanks to COVID-19 as part of the regional tourism boom .

“We are positioning ourselves to capture this return to authentic travel experiences,” she said.

“With changing travel preferences and the growing popularity of cabin, trailer and camping vacations, we are in a great position. “

Tasman Holiday Parks operates all of its properties, which ultimately belong to Tasman Tourism Operations, and employs over 300 people.