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Will the dead end location appeal to buyers?

by on November 1, 2021 0
When the Queensland government proposed a new model code for neighborhood design that would see grid streets replace dead ends as the preferred design style, the community’s response was loud and clear: let the cul- de-sac beloved alone. Over 20,000 responses to the proposed code were received during the community consultation period in... Read More

Vaccines hold protest at popular restaurant in St Kilda Melbourne to protest Covid-19 rules

by on October 23, 2021 0
Anti-vaccines gathered at a popular Melbourne restaurant to protest the state’s vaccination rules against Covid. Dozens of protesters lined up in St Kilda’s Acland Street restaurant district on Saturday for a sit-down picnic, calling for an end to “vaccine segregation”. Organizers encouraged protesters via Telegram to rally along the trail, starting at the... Read More

Melbourne reopens – one last time

by on October 22, 2021 0
Melbourne reopens – one last time Melbourne reopens – one last time We’re sorry, this service is currently unavailable. Please try again later. To reject Skip to section navigation Skip to content Skip to footer 32 Pictures Melbourne emerges as the city that has endured the most days of confinement than anywhere else... Read More

List of Victoria exhibition venues from 1000 venues including the Royal Botanic Garden and other Coles and Woolworths

by on September 2, 2021 0
Victoria’s list of exhibition venues has again swelled to over 1,000 venues and now includes the Royal Botanic Gardens, eleven Coles supermarkets and a dozen new Level 1 venues. As of Friday morning, there were 1,015 sites on the list, which comes a day after the state recorded its largest daily increase in... Read More

DOZENS of new Vic COVID-19 exposure sites added after 100 cases that were NOT isolated, including Woolworths and Coles

by on September 1, 2021 0
There are dozens of new COVID-19 exposure sites in Victoria a day after it was revealed that only 20 of the 120 new cases were isolated for their infectious period. Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews on Wednesday unveiled the state’s plan to slowly ease restrictions when a first-dose vaccination target of 70% is... Read More

Melbourne cluster homeless sex worker disappeared for hours after testing positive for Covid

by on August 20, 2021 0
A homeless sex worker at the center of Melbourne’s mysterious Covid cluster disappeared for hours after testing positive for Covid Melbourne sex worker disappeared after testing positive for Covid A woman from St Kilda presented to the emergency room earlier this week and tested positive The close contact also tested positive. It is unclear... Read More

Victorian COVID-19 cases see Coles and Aldi supermarkets listed as exhibition sites as town wakes up to tighter lockdown

by on August 16, 2021 0
The number of COVID-19 exposure sites in Victoria is approaching 550 after four supermarkets, several public toilets and a 7-Eleven were added overnight. Notably, buyers from a Coles supermarket in south Melbourne and an Aldi in the north of the city have been identified as close contacts of a confirmed case and are... Read More

Playground closures, COVID-19 curfew and Melbourne lockdown extended

by on August 16, 2021 0
“Let’s not kid ourselves. There were violations, there were people who broke the rules; it puts us all in danger. Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said the tightening of restrictions was a “very dark day for Victoria” “Extending the lockdown was still on the agenda,” Mr. O’Brien said. “Reimpose curfews, close playgrounds? My God,... Read More

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne

by on May 18, 2021 0
You will find some of Australia’s best Italian restaurants in Melbourne. In fact, some of the best the world has to offer on this side of the equator. And it’s not just my Melburnian snobbery that speaks. Melbourne’s famous “pizzaiolos” Johnny Di Francesco (400 Gradi, 2014), Silvio Serpa (Pizzaly, 2016) and Michele Circhirillo... Read More

Fashion designer Alannah Hill sells her St Kilda apartment as she searches for her perfect country cottage

by on May 7, 2021 0
Fashion designer Alannah Hill sells her stylish apartment in St Kilda as she prepares to trade city life for country life. Designer Louise Love says she has “fantasized for years living off the grid in a romantic, historic, secluded, fully renovated cottage with a wild Versailles mini-garden,” but says when her 19-year-old son,... Read More