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by on March 6, 2022 0
HOUSING LOANS: It is unrealistic to expect commercial banks to provide long-term loans because they do not have corresponding long-term deposits. Home loan schemes are not successful in Pakistan because the potential borrower does not have the deposit, say, up to 25%, nor can they afford the heavy installments of short-term loans. These programs... Read More

New life for Fitzroy Street

by on November 15, 2021 0
The second extension of the Renew program is in the form of a gallery and several new restaurants are opening in Fitzroy Street and the Victorian Pride Center (VPC), already a major landmark for locals and visitors, recently reopened after the locking. RFS’s new property, 77 Fitzroy Street, is easily recognizable as it has... Read More

Double victory for SA hotels

by on October 28, 2021 0
The Marion Hotel has been named South Australia’s Best Hotel for the second year in a row, with the Bridgeport Hotel being co-winner of this year’s Best Gong at the AHA (SA) 2021 Hotel Industry Awards for Excellence. The awards, which took place Tuesday night at the Adelaide Entertainment Center, recognized the $ 20... Read More

Covid and Age – The New York Times

by on October 12, 2021 0
Emily Oster, an economist at Brown University who writes frequently on parenting, published an article in The Atlantic in March that angered many people. The headline was: “Your unvaccinated child is like a vaccinated grandmother. The article argued that Covid-19 tended to be so mild in children that vaccinated parents could feel comfortable... Read More

refugee sues Australian government for alleged illegal imprisonment in Melbourne hotels | Australian immigration and asylum

by on July 29, 2021 0
A refugee held for more than a year at two hotels in Melbourne is suing the federal government for damages, arguing that his use of the hotels to detain immigrants is illegal. Mostafa “Moz” Azimitabar is suing the Australian government in federal court for unlawful imprisonment. He seeks damages for his detention of more... Read More

[+] Hotel brands line up for debut in Australia

by on July 21, 2021 0
Developers find a new hotel niche New brands are opening up in the hotel sector with storytelling, niche clientele and location playing a big role in hotel selection. Boutique brands have attracted interest from global companies seeking to strengthen their market share in an environment of cheap and abundant capital. In recent years, Accor... Read More

Hotel plans unveiled for Melbourne Gothic Church

by on July 5, 2021 0
Melbourne-based developer Tim Gurner has stepped up efforts in the hotel industry, planning plans for his second boutique hotel in central Melbourne. In its latest purchase, the developer acquired a historic old bluestone church and former Sunday school hall site at 145-151 High Street in Prahran. The sites, acquired off the market for an... Read More