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By on July 6, 2022 0

The Dandenong Ranges are full of reasons to get in the car and up the mountain: there’s the 1000 Steps, Puffing Billy, Emerald Lake and that bucolic scent emanating from towering gum trees and sprawling fern forests. One such place that has arguably become the crown jewel of The Hills, however, is The Paradise Valley Hotel at Clematis.

Mark Protheroe, Joe Durant and Steven Nelson, the trio behind Fitzroy North’s, took over Paradise Valley Hotel in 2019. Playtime. From the outset, the plan for the pub – more affectionately known as Clemo – was to bring in the necessary modern sensibilities while upholding its longstanding community spirit. The result is a sensational menu that elevates these pub-grub classics just right, and in a warm and intimate pub-style environment.

Topping the menu is their chicken parmigiana which recently received the AHA’s Best Parma Victoria award, a revered accolade where many of the city’s best were also up for grabs. Was it the cheese/sauce/ham ratio that made it cross the line? Maybe. Is it worth the drive an hour southeast of the cbd to make up your own mind? Absolutely.

Paradise Valley is more than just a ride pony bar. Those who want to explore beyond Parma can pick up another elevated classic, duck and mushroom pie, while fried cauliflower is just one of many dishes that will satisfy exclusive plants and curious plants.

That local charm extends throughout the venue, and while you can’t go wrong with the bar or bistro out front, the indoor/outdoor terrace overlooking the rolling hills and the Puffing Billy railway line is the place to be. where you should fish. Paradise Valley is also planning to expand the beer garden before next summer for anyone hoping to get a little closer to the action.

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Photo credit: Paradise Valley Hotel