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Unconditional fan of doggies? Support the demons since day one? Or just a football fan caught up in excitement? No matter where you stand in this year’s AFL Grand Final, there’s one thing all Melburnians have in common this year: our lounges. Watching at home is definitely not the same as being at the MCG on game day, but the soccer food our restaurants cook up is a smart game if you want to create some of that final fever at home.

Stay tuned for our guide to what Melbourne pubs are up to for the big day.

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Grilling on game day is as easy as a preliminary final victory in 2021 when you’re armed with Estelle’s BBQ Box ($ 120, for 2 people). Scott Pickett and his team did the shopping for you, selecting a 500 gram dry-aged rib eye for the main event, along with sausages, two side salads and sauces. Snacks include sausage rolls, while it’s an all-Australian deal for dessert with – you guessed it – the pavlova. Oysters, alcohol and other treats can be added. You don’t live within 10 kilometers of the restaurant? There is a similar pack on Providor, which offers statewide delivery.

Online orders are open until Saturday, unless they are sold out before. Local pickup in Northcote on Friday or Saturday.

Hank’s fantasy

Send these hot dogs a good omen from afar, with the Fancy Hank’s Sausage Party. For $ 40, you get eight smoked pork sausages, Martin’s potato rolls, American cheese, pickles, and coleslaw to create your own idea of ​​hot dog heaven (food is ready to heat. ). For another 40 clams, you can add a bottle of wine, two tinnies, and two soft drinks. Those in the west who want to get in on the action can pick up their order from Two Birds Brewing in Spotswood on the big last day, where Hank’s crew will appear.

Order online by 9am on Friday for local pickup from Melbourne CBD (Friday & Saturday) or Spotswood (Saturday), or delivery within 10km (Friday).


It could be fans of Demons: A feast of fine European fare, from trout rillettes to mushroom velouté with truffle cream and cod brandade ravioli. For the main courses, you have the choice of adding a Beef Wellington ($ 220, seven courses, for 2 people) or just a roast lamb loin ($ 180, six courses, for 2 people). But everyone gets a cheese platter (don’t laugh) and a cheesecake with a berry compote. It’s not called the Corporate Box for nothing, folks.

Order online before Friday for a pickup at Fitzroy North or delivery within 25km on Saturday.

A grand finale of The Prince Dining Room in St Kilda. Photo: Supplied

The prince’s dining room

Get ready for the first bounce with tiny shrimp cocktail rolls, spicy sugo meatballs and, of course, sausage rolls with the living room-ready snacks from The Prince Dining Room (from $ 130 , for two people). The adjoining pub wine bar, Little Prince, serves cold cuts and dips, and there are bottles of bubbles to add if you’re feeling lucky.

Order through Providor by Friday for delivery through Melbourne and select regional postcodes on Saturday.

Friday Pie Day

Dani Valent of Good Food has partnered with bakeries across Victoria to bring finals fever home. How? ‘Or’ What? With pies, of course. For the big game, it’s a pastry bargain, featuring Cobb Lane’s beef and beer act, Pie Thief’s lasagna pie, Smith & Daughters vegan pies and more. Don’t miss the Rolling Pin Surf & Turf Pie in Ocean Grove. Involving beef butter, shrimp and garlic, it won the Pie of the Year award in a competition judged by the Australian Baking Association, beating 2,031 other pies. That’s the champion’s prize right there.

Order online before 6 p.m. Tuesday for delivery within 25 km of Melbourne’s CBD or pickup at seven pickup points around Melbourne on Friday.

Rocco’s cold cuts

Rocco is the destination in the west for Italian cold cuts, cheeses and pantry specialties. And that means it’s your go-to for the ultimate big snack. Get a box of antipasti, manchego, prosciutto and other goodies for four ($ 65), six ($ 95) or eight ($ 125). Looking for some sweet relief after the game? Add cannoli or donuts, prepared by nonna herself.

Order by 5pm Wednesday for local pickup in Yarraville or limited delivery across Melbourne plus Mornington and the Surf Coast. Order by phone: 03 9314 6078.


Spicy sausage coils. Ribs asado style. Lamb chops. Burgers. Seasoning. Meatsmith’s BBQ Box ($ 70, for 3-4 people, $ 105 for 6-7 people) leaves absolutely nothing to chance, containing everything you need to feed your household before and after the game, and can -be even the next day. Just add your favorite salad, good bread and something to swallow, then fire up the grill.

Order by noon for next day delivery across Melbourne and parts of Victoria. Delivery days vary by region. See website for details.


This West Footscray favorite is stepping into football’s biggest day with two packs tailored for a hungry footballer. Little appetites can dive into eight dishes that start with mussel escabeche and focaccia and work their way up to braised pork, grilled asparagus and potatoes with duck fat ($ 130, for 4 people ). Want to know more ? The 10-course feast is anchored by stuffed chicken wings and a 500-gram porterhouse, with chorizo ​​sausage rolls, a duck liver parfait and more on each side ($ 200, for 4). Each pack includes a selection of Hop Nation beers.

Order online before noon on Thursday for local pickup at West Footscray or delivery to select suburbs on Friday.

Rochford wines

Planning a marathon viewing session from pre-match to post-match analysis? A basket from Yarra Valley Rochford Winery will keep you fed and watered until the end. Lunch may consist of a family-run beef Bourguignon pie and some arancini, while dinner is like a meaty, smoked meat affair of prime rib, pork and fennel sausage, and corn on the cob (188 $, for 4 people, wine included).

Order online by Wednesday for delivery to a wide range of Melbourne and Yarra Valley suburbs on Friday.


The caring folks at this Fitzroy North establishment have prepared four quarters of food and drink worthy of their own price from the best in the field. Start with a chicken liver parfait and crisps, stracciatella cheese with beans and other snacks, served with a Tom Collins, then savor the classic trio of shrimp, chili and garlic. At half-time, you’ll put the finishing touches on the simmered lamb with salsa verde, flatbread and cucumber salad, just in time for the third quarter. The home stretch features Okar’s Australian Amaro with a pot of chocolate and dulce de leche ($ 90 per person). A copy of Grand Final record is also included.

Order online before Friday for local pickup in Fitzroy North or delivery across Melbourne on Saturday.

Chin chin

Pies and sausage rolls get the Chin Chin treatment (right) with rendang beef, butter chicken, and a vegan yellow curry wrapped in puff pastry. Pick your favorite (or a Thai-style pork sausage roll) and make it the star of your Footy Fever pack, which also includes a chocolate brownie and a pack of four Coopers beers ($ 55, for 4). Want the Chin Chin classics? Opt for the 10-course feast ($ 150, for 2 people).

Order online by Wednesday for local pickup from Melbourne CBD or Windsor, or delivery through Melbourne and select regional postcodes on Friday and Saturday.


If you prefer more fancy halftime fare, all roads lead to The Graham, offering food in the form of sardine escabeche and sourdough mussels before moving on to duck gnocchi, olives and stew. capers. Depending on your team, you can empathize or celebrate around lemon cream, raspberries, meringue, and sable crumble. Make sure you make the most of the wine list and add a bottle for just $ 35 (food only, $ 65 per person).

Order by email before 5pm on Thursday for local pickup in Port Melbourne or delivery within a 10km radius on Friday or Saturday.


The Lagoon team put their mod-Asian signature on every appetizer you could possibly want while you’re glued to the TV. Think fried chicken wings mixed with homemade hot sauce, sticky pork skewers, curried Japanese potato salad, kimchi, and rich sticky lamb chops ($ 70, for 2 people). It sounds like a perfect filling for a beer or two.

Order through Providor by Friday for delivery through Melbourne and select regional postcodes on Saturday.


The MVP of last year’s Finals season was undoubtedly the Nacho Loaf that the Attica team unveiled in all their messy and breaded glory. And it’s back. If you need a refreshment, a crispy sourdough bread is hollowed out and filled to the brim with beef chili and black beans, pickled onions, cheddar, jalapenos, guacamole, and sour cream ($ 85 , for 2 people). Basically, these are all of your teenage food dreams packaged in a very grown-up format. What’s not to like about it? And that’s not all: the Friday before the grand finale, the team delivers to the western postal codes.

Order online at least 12 hours before for a pickup in Ripponlea or delivery to certain suburbs between Thursday and Saturday (bread is cold).


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