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Hidden Gems of the City: Melbourne Nightlife Spotlight | West Central Daily

By on April 1, 2022 0

Naturally, as the “cultural capital” of Australia, the city of Melbourne is rich with a variety of dynamic sites and unforgettable musical, culinary and generally “cultural” experiences.

While many of the city’s most signature delicacies can be enjoyed around the clock, there’s no denying that the city really comes alive once the sunsets have set.

Often referred to as the ‘New York’ of Australia, Melbourne’s CBD has been hailed for its vibrant nightlife, with a plethora of award-winning bars and restaurants, nightclubs, music venues and many other worthwhile experiences. worth listing in your Melbourne Travel Itinerary.

We’ll explore some of these exciting route additions below.

Treat yourself to a refined dining experience

More often than not, you won’t even need to leave your hotel to find a five-star dining experience in the city of Melbourne.

Lollo’s signature duck lasagna is highly recommended if you want to sample some of D’Sylva’s creations.

The fantastic thing about Melbourne, however, is that the exceptional dining experience that Lollo offers is by no means an exception.

There are myriad other dining experiences available to urban explorers looking for a great meal before a night of music and dancing.

A short walk through the CBD will take you to some of the city’s most iconic dining districts, including Southbank which overlooks the inky Yarra River, the Italian restaurants of Carlton’s Lygon Street, as well as the hidden gems that dot the many lanes of Melbourne.

The city’s Hardware Lane is a pocket you won’t want to miss, home to some of Melbourne’s oldest and best-loved restaurants and eateries, including Campari housea multi-level restaurant, bistro and rooftop bar that offers an Italian-style menu, fantastic cocktails and striking views of Melbourne’s skyscrapers and heritage buildings.

Campari House has been a favorite haunt of Melbourne locals for over 50 years now, so be prepared to hear stories from the locals if you’re a social drinker!

Enjoy live music at the city’s most renowned venues

By design Melbourne is a tourist hotspot, and not just because of its Free Tram Zone which offers city explorers free access to public transport in and around the heart of the CBD.

Numerous Melbourne Hotels are located right next to some of the city’s most famous bars and pubs, so you’ll have easy access to signature cocktails wherever you are.

And when all those bars and pubs tend to become some of the most famous live music venues in the city as well, you’ll be sure to have plenty of entertainment to keep you going throughout your night out on the town.

If you’re looking for a bar that won’t just be a pit stop on your way to something more exciting, then we definitely have some recommendations for places you’re sure to like.

Heading north from the CBD and into the eclectic downtown suburb of Fitzroy, you’ll find a string of exciting nightclubs and bars along Johnston Street.

Among these seats The night cata concert hall that is characterized by its energetic performances of rock, alternative and cultural music as well as its weekly salsa evenings.

The venue is very accessible and includes a central stage and other modular performance spaces, meaning the space can really transform from set to set.

Another hotspot for live music is the Esplanade at St Kilda Hotel.

Consisting of five different floors, including a rooftop bar that overlooks St Kilda’s palm-studded coastline, ‘the Espy’ is often referred to by St Kilda locals and Melbournens as ‘the home of live music’.

Some of Australia’s most popular indie bands and artists have taken to the stage on weekend nights, including Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly, who has lived in St Kilda since the 1970s.

Watch a comedy show at Comic’s Lounge

If you’re a few days away from your trip to Melbourne and feeling good about yourself in the bath, there’s no better recipe for a pleasant, energy-free evening than a trip to the theater or, even better, to a comedy show!

To be at the house Melbourne International Comedy Festivalthe city’s comedy scene is just as eclectic as its music and food scene, so there’s rarely a shortage of fun, quirky and independent comedy shows and performances in every corner of the CBD.

True die-hard comedy fans, however, will definitely want to plan a trip to the city’s signature comedy club, The comic book fair.

Being the largest and most prestigious comedy club in town, The Comic’s Lounge has hosted some of Australia’s most renowned comedians including Wil Anderson, Jimeoin and other big name newcomers like Nat’s What I Reckon and comedian and YouTuber Neel Kolhatkar.

The Comic’s Lounge is also playing a major role in the build-up to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as comedians take the opportunity to test some of their new material on peers and comedy fanatics at the Lounge before debuting in their new shows. .

Experience Friday nights at the NGV

Finally, if you’re looking for a bit of fine dining, cocktails, arts, culture and live music, all rolled into one delicious package, look no further than Friday evenings at the NGVor the National Gallery of Victoria.

As one of Melbourne’s most popular and established art galleries and museum spaces, the NGV is a must-see on your Melbourne itinerary, whether you’re heading there for the day or looking to enjoy of their exclusive Friday night experiences, which consist of live DJs, drinks and bites, all accompanied by incredibly rewarding artistic experiences.

NGV’s Friday night events also often include limited-time special exhibits that are not available to the general public.

It should be noted, however, that even their evergreen exhibits take on new life in the atmosphere that accompanies their Friday nights.

Basically, if the idea of ​​walking around an art gallery after hours with disco lighting and a live DJ to enhance the experience appeals to you, then you should definitely consider booking tickets for this experience. unique artistic venue, located in the center of Melbourne’s bustling district. city ​​of the arts.

Although we’ve outlined some of the city’s most unmissable cultural experiences, the city itself is so rich in things to see, do and taste quite honestly, that our little overview is by no means an exhaustive list. .

If you want to discover the magic of Melbourne at your own pace, we absolutely recommend that you keep certain days of your travel itinerary totally empty and reserved for independent exploration.

With all of the city’s hidden alleys and underground scenes, there really is no limit to what you can discover just by walking around and enjoying the cool night air!