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Gill McLachlan says ‘sexy’ scoreboards are latest in stadium race, QR codes still needed for football

By on February 28, 2022 0

“The difference between the stadium and what we saw the other day [at the Super Bowl] were the incredible audiovisual opportunities with this screen that was just around the perimeter of the indoor stadium suspended,” McGuire said on SEN.

“Not so long ago, we used to be excited about maybe having a video screen at your seat.

“It has to be a better experience than what you have at home, and we’ve had two years to be at home.”

Fans will still have to scan QR codes to get into football this season despite the potential for bottlenecks outside venues.

Masks may be gone and walk-ins are back, but not everything has returned normal for the 2022 men’s season.

Although QR codes no longer play a major role for contact tracing purposes, the Government of Victoria uses them as the most effective method of providing proof of vaccination, although verification can be displayed without scanning on the Victoria Service app. People without a smartphone can show a hard copy.

Venue operators are personally concerned that this will create delays for fans at the turnstiles, especially for big games, but the league believes the public will accept the extra waiting time required for the process.

Fans still have to scan QR codes to go to football despite its reduced effect in contact tracing.Credit:Eddie Jim

“Wherever you need to be vaccinated to enter, that QR code is essentially what demonstrates your vaccination status,” Victoria Sport Minister Martin Pakula said.

“You still have to be vaccinated to go to football. Your QR code, you show your phone and demonstrate that you are vaccinated. It’s the same in restaurants, it’s the same in pubs, but it’s no longer the case in places like supermarkets or other retail places because it’s not no need to be vaccinated to enter.


Spectators can also pre-scan once they have purchased their tickets and show their proof of vaccination when entering the pitch.

“Victoria’s QR code requirements support our focus on the highest risk parameters most likely to generate superspreader events – and we will continue to review the situation over time based on the epidemiological situation,” said said a Victorian government spokesman.

“The single most important thing Victorians can do to reduce their risk of contracting COVID-19 in a public place is to receive their third dose of the vaccine.″⁣

While McLachlan acknowledges the pandemic is not over, he is adamant there would be no disruptions to the game barring “extreme” developments.

“To everyone who missed football in this city and in NSW and Sydney last year, we are back, we are continuing our way of life,” said McLachlan.

“The people of this city, it feels, are moving forward. It’s time to go. If you don’t want to go to football in this city, you can’t really like it.