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Car set on fire in Dundee as police chase two men seen fleeing the area

By on May 13, 2022 0

Dundee Police have launched an investigation after a car was hit in an arson attack.

The terrifying incident happened in St Kilda Road early Thursday morning.

Officers are now looking for two men – dressed in dark clothing – who were seen fleeing the scene.

A Scottish Police spokesman told Dundee Live the incident – which involved a high-performance Audi – happened at 3am.

They added: ‘Investigations so far have established that two people, both dressed in dark clothing, were seen fleeing the vehicle.

“Officers will check all relevant CCTV footage in and around the area for any additional information on the suspects.

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“Anyone with information about the incident or the suspects is asked to call Police Scotland via 101 quoting incident number 0308 of 12 May 2022.

“If not, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be given anonymously.”

The incident follows a number of other recent firebomb attacks on vehicles in the city.

In February Dundee Live reported how police launched an investigation after a vehicle was deliberately set on fire in a car park.

The charred remains of the Nissan Note

Two other cars were also affected by the fire in Lochee.

Emergency crews cordoned off the British Heart Foundation car park in Burnside Street just after 6am.

While last month the owners of a deliberately torched car in the city said they were “frightened” by the seemingly random attack that destroyed their family runabout.

The red Nissan Note caught fire in what police believe was arson.

Neighbors rushed to move their own cars away as flames consumed the car and set a fence on Ashkirk Place on fire.

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