Fancy potatoes and pickles covered with a perfectly melted raclette? Or maybe a grilled raclette cheese toast? The Swiss raclette dish is the perfect meal to enjoy on a cold day or with a drink or two in a bar or virtually anytime and anywhere. Luckily for Melburnians, there are a few highly rated restaurants and cheese shops where you can get your hands on the ultimate comfort food raclette.


Located in Collingwood, Smithward is a cozy wine bar that has become well known for its decadent raclette cheese. As part of its small plate menu, Smithward serves a traditional-style raclette with potatoes and pickles every night; the perfect accompaniment to its 100 percent Victorian wine list.

Every Thursday, Smithward cooks ‘Rac’n’Mac’ – a delicious raclette cheese oozing over macaroni and cheese, pickle pickles and sourdough.

Milking the cow

Double cheese shop and late night cheese bar, Milk the Cow knows cheese and wants you to try some of the best around. As part of a limited menu, Milk the Cow serves platters of seasonal cheeses, fondues and two types of raclette cheese, both melted over potatoes and served with prosciutto, pickles and white wine. . Milk the Cow has two locations: one on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda and another on Lygon Street in Carlton.

Manufacturer & Monger

Calling itself the ‘Chapel of Cheese’ Maker & Monger offers a range of the best international cheeses as well as their famous grilled cheese toast in their shop inside Prahan Market. In addition to a raclette, potato, mozzarella and thyme toast, Maker & Monger also offers a selection of seasonal cheese dishes.

Juliette Melbourne

As Punch Lane’s sister bar and restaurant, Juliet is a cozy basement spot on Little Bourke Street that offers plenty of bar bites and cheese, including raclette. By making Heidi Farm Raclette with pickles and potatoes, as well as bresaola if your heart desires, Juliet is another great place to enjoy the melting, golden goodness of raclette.

Harper & Blohm Cheese

Located on Sydney Road in Brunswick, Harper & Blohm is an artisanal cheese factory that sells a wide range of cheeses from Australia and beyond as well as tasty food in its cafe. If you are looking for a delicious raclette, then Harper & Blohm’s Classic 3 Cheese Toast, served with caramelized onions, cheddar and Gruyere is what you need.