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Anti-vaccines in St Kilda protested against passport warrant for vaccines

By on October 23, 2021 0


Anti-vaccines from Melbourne’s southern suburbs in St Kilda ‘protested’ against restaurant and cafe bans today by sitting outside them on picnic blankets and eating there instead.

Protesters gathered on Acland Street in St Kilda earlier today in what appeared to be a protest against vaccine passports. They blocked off large sections of the street, with a store owner detailing the Daily mail that she was worried that customers would avoid her store because of it.

“They’re invading space… I’m afraid the vaccinated people won’t come,” she told the publication.

Many police officers were also present, as they had reportedly received a warning that there would be a protest in the area. According to Sun Herald, only one man was handcuffed but it is understood that he was released shortly thereafter.

This comes after Victoria reaches 70% of her eligible population in Double Vaxx. According to the roadmap, this means that those who have been trapped and can prove it, will be able to frequent the cafes / restaurants with limited capacity.

Of course, those who are not vaccinated will not be able to sit in the rooms. Like Harry saddler on Twitter, it is not a question of “real discrimination” because it is a choice for them, unlike the refugees detained at Carlton’s Park Hotel who were not so fortunate.

In the the latest updated victorian roadmap, once the state reaches 80%, the next step will be to welcome 30 people for Christmas. At this point, there is no new information on when sites will open to unvaccinated Victorians, or what restrictions will ease after Christmas.

But if you’re completely vaxxed, here’s what you can do when the state should hit 80% (which will likely be next weekend).

  • Face masks will be mandatory indoors only.
  • You will be able to work in the office again if you are fully immunized, although the government would prefer you to work from home if you can.
  • Public gatherings will expand to 30 outdoors for you and your fully vaccinated companions.
  • Gyms, karaoke, nightclubs, tours, tour transport, indoor pubs and sit-down restaurants are back, baby! They will all reopen for fully vaxxed legends and with a cap of 150 indoors and 500 outdoors (seated only though).
  • All retail businesses will reopen with a rule of four square meters per person.

To learn more about what you can and can’t do in the Victorian Roadmap, go here.

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Image: Twitter / @ DiscoDan99