5 things to do in and around Melbourne during winter

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Winter activities in and around Melbourne

While Singapore certainly has no shortage of dining, retail and entertainment services, there is one thing we tropical islanders don’t know much about: winter. Although we can head to places such as snow town for some of that winter chill, there’s nothing like flying to a foreign land and discovering legit snow.

If you’ve been on the fence about an icy leave, let that be your sign. Just ~7 east drive hours melbourne, where it starts to look a lot like Christmas – I mean, winter. To help you get started with your planning, here are 5 things you can consider for your trip to the Land Down Under.

1. Take part in an outdoor winter scavenger hunt at Mount Buller

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Only 3 hours drive from Melbourne Airport, Mount Buller is a ski resort with a plethora of activities for you and the gang to try – including snow cover. Think of an outdoor treasure hunt, where you’ll have to put your detective skills to the test and locate the 9 hidden checkpoints spread across the snowy slopes to receive a Mt Buller-themed multi-tool.

Tobogganing at Mount Buller
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Those traveling with children can go sled, where you can take on a fun challenge and see who is racing down the slopes the fastest. You will need to pre-purchase the toboggan pass to AU$15 (~S$14.60), and it includes a toboggan and access to 2 toboggan parks. Or take them to meet the furry huskies on the dog sledding trip (AU$250/person, ~S$242.93).

Mt Buller - chairlift ride
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Mount Buller

If you prefer relaxing atmospheres, take the scenic route and climb the chairlift ride of AU$107/adult (~S$104.14) for a full day pass and AU$60/child (~S$58.40) for 5-18 year olds. Then rest at The Arlberg and spend the night on the mountains, where there are comfortable rooms of S$258/night.

Address: Mount Buller, Victoria 3723, Australia
Telephone: +61 1800 285 537
E-mail: info@skibuller.com.au

Mount Buller website

2. Try snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at Falls Creek

Falls Stream
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Falls Stream

For our fitpo friends, Falls Stream is a place not to be missed. Boasting the largest ski area in Victoria, the resort has 4 terrain parks with varying levels of difficulty to explore. Skiing and snowboarding beginners can also experience the 2.2km green run, a beginner-friendly route that also happens to be Australia’s longest green run.

Falls Creek - Snowshoeing
The snowshoe allows you to walk on the snow with ease.
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There is also the lesser known snowshoeing, a great family activity for those who feel like a stranger skating on snow. For the uninitiated, snowshoes are a type of footwear that will keep you from sinking into the snow. So get ready and explore the different paths available. And if you don’t have your own equipment, there are plenty of rental shops in the resort.

You can also start cross-country skiing here, where your journey starts from the Nordic Bowl and crosses the corners of the high plains of Bogong. There are 6 courses to choose from, ranging from the beginner-friendly 1.5km Nordic Bowl Loop to the advanced Rocky Valley Lake Loop.

Falls Creek - fireworks party
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Falls Stream

For those planning a trip in July or August, Falls Creek will bring their fireworks festival every Thursday at 7 p.m. Grab your cameras and head to The Village Bowl, located at the base of the Eagle and Summit chairlifts, and feast your eyes on the fireworks display that will cap off your day in style.

Address: Falls Creek, Victoria 3699, Australia
Telephone: +61 1800 232 557
E-mail: info@fallscreek.com.au

Falls Creek website

3. Take helicopter flights and backcountry sledding tours at Mount Hotham

Mt Hotham - backcountry sledding tours
Sit back and relax as you do the “Magic Carpet Ride”.
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Installed at the top of the mountain, Mount Hotham is considered by many to have the best snow and unique terrain – hence its nickname “Australia’s powder capital”. The resort is a favorite with local winter sports enthusiasts, many of whom come for night skiing and snowboarding this happens every Wednesday and Saturday.

In addition to winter activities par excellence, the place also offers backcountry sledding tours which will take you through the scenic views of the Dargo Valley, the Valley of the Crooks, Mount Feathertop and the Bogong High Plains. Tours last 30 minutes and prices range from AU$190/2 people (~S$184.64).

Mount Hotham Scenic Flight
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Alpine helicopters

If you’re looking to splurge and pamper your boo during the trip, book a Mount Hotham Scenic Flight which will have you soaring through the alpine regions. The total journey takes about 12 minutes and will take you back AU$110/person (~S$106.86).

Address: 28 Great Alpine Road, Hotham Heights, Victoria, Australia 3741
Telephone: +61 3 5759 3550
E-mail: info@mthotham.com.au

Mount Hotham website

4. Taste unique chocolate flavors at the Hot Chocolate Festival

Hot Chocolate Festival - Yarra Valley Chocolate Shop and Ice Cream and Great Ocean Road
Some creations from last year.
Image adapted from: @qstrategies,@scapelivingau

Those who have always dreamed of bathing in the chocolate lake of Charlie and the chocolate factory can bookmark the hot chocolate partyarising from August 1-31, 2022 at a time Yarra Valley and Great Ocean Road Chocolate Factory and Ice Cream.

Hot Chocolate Festival - Yarra Valley Chocolate Shop and Ice Cream and Great Ocean Road
Image credit: Visit Victoria

Let yourself be tempted by your sweet cravings and opt for the 45-minute tasting (AU$24/person, ~S$23.30), where you can taste unique new flavors of hot chocolate. There’s also a fun DIY segment that will have you making 3 edible hot chocolate spoons to take home. Just dip them in a cup of hot milk and you’ve got a comforting drink.

Hot chocolate festival website

5. Watch the Melbourne-exclusive Harry Potter Musical

musical harry potter and the cursed child
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@aishwaryac14, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Whether you’re on the Gryffindor or Slytherin team, Potters need to catch the revamped Harry Potter and the Cursed Child musical which plays at the Princess Theatre. The iconic trio return to the play as they unveil what happens 19 years after Harry, Ron and Hermione saved the wizarding world. Book your tickets fast as this musical can only be seen in Melbourne.

The Picasso Century exhibition
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Next, head to the National Gallery of Victoria where artists can feed their creative souls at The Picasso Century exhibition, which takes place at National Gallery of Victoria of June 10 to October 9, 2022. With over 170 works of art on display, the gallery will allow you to dig deep and examine one of the most iconic and instrumental artists of the 20th century.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Address: 163 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Admission: From AU$56.90/ticket (~S$55.30)
Telephone: +03 1300 795 012

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child website

The Picasso Century
Address: 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne Victoria 3006, Australia
Admission: From AU$25/adult (~S$24.43)
Opening hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., daily
Telephone: +61 3 8620 2222

The site of the Picasso Century

Winter activities to do in Melbourne

Escape the heat and choose a winter destination like melbourne From June to September, you’ll find there’s more to this place than its Instagram-graffitted alleyways and hip cafes.

Borealis on the lake
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The options are endless here, from winter sports to a hot chocolate festival. In addition to these activities, you can also catch Borealis on the lakean outdoor light installation inspired by the Northern Lights taking place in Daylesford, Thursday to Sunday from July 15 to September 4, 2022.

The wonders of winter
The Winter Wonderlights are back from June 25 to July 17, 2022.
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Then change your nighttime activities and visit the Winter night markets at the Queen Victoria Market, open every Wednesday at 5 p.m. from June 1 to August 31, 2022. There is also the winter wonders to Sovereign Hill where there are tons of things for you and the family to do – including dipping candles, horse-drawn carriage rides and visiting good ol Grotto of Santa Claus.

And for those unfamiliar with winter activities, Chan Brothers offer a free and easy 7-day plan which you can sign up for so you don’t have to worry about scheduling. Merely customize the tour to your preferences and you will be well on your way.

Learn more about the Mt Buller package

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