The 15 Best Coworking Spaces in Melbourne

By on October 10, 2022 0

In a post-pandemic world, one trend that continues to grow and evolve, and that we can circumvent, is hybrid working. People want to minimize their time in a dreary office, opting instead to work from home – or from a coworking space – instead. As a result, recent years have led to an increase in exciting, innovative and non-traditional spaces.

What is the appeal of coworking? Well, according to Hub Australia Report “Freed Work”, 55% of workers said hybrid working had improved their work-life balance, while 38% said they were more productive. And research also shows that it’s not just about having the flexibility to work from home; it’s also about being in spaces that foster a culture of care, empathy and well-being.

That’s why many modern coworking spaces offer perks like wellness facilities, snacks, drinks, and events. These are not only workspaces, but also opportunities for networking and recreation. If you’re interested, we’ve rounded up some of the best coworking spaces in Melbourne where you can book and start collaborating, connecting, creating ideas, eating, working and having fun.

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