Prime Property: Melbourne’s Best Suburbs

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Melbourne is often recognized as one of the best cities to live | Source: Getty Images

Frequently on the list of the world’s most livable cities, Melbourne has rightly earned a reputation as a culturally vibrant, exciting and beautiful place to live. Characterized by a thriving cafe culture and culinary scene, people of Melbourne tend to lead cosmopolitan lifestyles and are well served by one of the largest tram systems outside of Europe. In terms of culture, accommodation, entertainment, and overall quality of life, these are some of the best postcodes in Melbourne.


Home to the bustling cafes and restaurants of Melbourne’s ‘Little Italy’, also known as Lygon Street, Carlton is recognized as the birthplace of Melbourne’s cafe culture and as a vibrant, multicultural and youthful suburb. With a large portion of the postcode population attending the University of Melbourne and nearby RMIT University, more than half of Carlton’s residents are between the ages of 12 and 25. Well connected to the heart of Melbourne, the suburb has trams that run along Swanston Street to Carlton North and offers a cultivated and vibrant downtown lifestyle.

In terms of houses, Carlton is full of beautiful townhouses and apartment buildings from the Victorian era. According to, the median property price in Carlton is AU $ 1.5 million and rental properties make up a large part of the suburban real estate profile.

North Melbourne

Located just two kilometers from the city, North Melbourne offers proximity to bustling Melbourne center without inflated property prices and impossible parking. Ranked among the top 20 suburbs in the area for residential property investors, North Melbourne is full of charming Victorian terraced houses, workers’ cottages and refurbished industrial-style apartments. According to, the median price of a home in this postcode is around A $ 1.16 million.

While North Melbourne is considered a quieter suburb with a more suburban feel, the suburb’s main street, Errol Street, is lined with cafes and restaurants and is crowned by the North Melbourne Town Hall; home to many artistic productions.

South Yarra

Perched along the Yarra River, this upscale suburb is one of Melbourne’s most desirable postcodes. With a median house price of A $ 2.18 million, life by the river will set you back a pretty dime here, but with lush green parks, the bustling shopping and dining streets of Chapel Street and Toorak Road and the Close to prestigious schools like Scotch College and Christ Church Grammar, residents say the cost is worth South Yarra’s luxurious lifestyle.

Just four kilometers from the city, South Yarra is well served by tram, train and bus, but with shopping destinations like central Como on the doorstep of your historic mansion, an Art Deco building or a Victorian house. with terrace, there is no reason to have to leave this prestigious and very pleasant place to live.

Located along the Maribyrnong River just three miles from Melbourne’s CBD, Footscray is another out of town suburb that is rising through the ranks in quality of life, quickly establishing itself as a postcode of one. good value for money. Filled with refurbished warehouses and increasingly modern apartment buildings, the median house price in Footscray is AU $ 922,500 while the median rental price is AU $ 460 per week, according to .to.

Recognized as a multicultural hub, Footscray is full of Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Indian and Italian restaurants and retailers, to name a few. Well served by public transport and continuing to develop its vibrant and bustling atmosphere, Footscray has grown into one of Melbourne’s best suburbs to buy.

St kilda

If coastal living is more your style, heading seven kilometers south-east of Melbourne in the bohemian, seaside suburb of St Kilda is the way to go. Boasting attractions like the iconic Luna Park, the idyllic St Kilda Pier and the Palace Theater, there is no shortage of activities in St Kilda. As for where residents can get their all-important caffeine fix, locals head for East St Kilda’s bustling Carlisle Street or the popular Acland Street cafes.

When it comes to properties in the area, St Kilda is full of beautiful heritage homes, ranging from Victorian terraces to Spanish Mission-style homes. As well as being well served by public transport, St Kilda offers some great parks, accounting for the median house price in the region of A $ 1.67 million.


The downtown suburb of Collingwood is another postcode that’s increasingly recognized for its vibrant shopping and dining scene and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Defined by converted warehouses, graffiti, live music, and historic public buildings, Collingwood has become a quirky and exciting neighborhood to live in, moving further and further away from its ‘colorful’ reputation.

While residents tend to compromise on property size, they do enjoy plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops on their doorstep, as well as the convenience of being a direct bus ride from Melbourne’s CBD. Filled with renovated worker cottages, trendy factory conversions and chic modern apartments, the median price of a home in Collingwood is A $ 1.16 million, according to

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