Is It Possible to Get a Loan of 500 Rubles

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It is possible to get a loan of 500 rubles and for this purpose do not apply to banks. Small loans, these are products of microfinance organizations and these companies are ready to help out in such cases. Get money quickly, and for this you don’t even have to leave the house.


Issuance amounts in MFIs

Issuance amounts in MFIs

500 rubles is a tiny amount even for microfinance organizations, therefore not every company will be ready to provide a loan of such a limit. When choosing an MFI, review the information on minimum disbursement limits.

More often, these limits start from 1000 rubles, but sometimes MFIs do not set minimum limits on lending limits.

Getting a loan of 500 rubles is not a problem. Thousands of microfinance organizations operate on the market. A significant number of companies specialize in online loans, which are issued even for tiny amounts.


Credit 500 rubles – conditions

Credit 500 rubles - conditions

To obtain a microcredit, you need a passport and Internet access. The loan is issued remotely and does not require evidence of income. But since the citizen wants to take out a loan of 500 rubles, a small income is required. Pensions, benefits and other payments are taken into account.

Programs are valid for citizens of the Russian Federation, a permanent registration is required. And so the applicant has the right to live and work anywhere. MFIs provide loans for small amounts remotely, so you can get money even in a remote part of the country.

Citizens are required to comply with the age limits set by the MFI. There are offers on the market for young citizens from 18 years of age and for citizens over 60-65 years old.


Characteristics of a loan of 500 rubles

Characteristics of a loan of 500 rubles

The amount is small and is issued for a short time. When applying, the MFI will offer the citizen to choose the amount and the return period. After immediately indicated how much will be needed in the end to return.

The main features of the loan:

  • Money is issued for up to a month;
  • For each day of the use of borrowed funds, the MFI will charge interest – 1.2-2% per day. If you take 500 rubles at 2% daily for a week, then 570 rubles will be relied upon to return;
  • Debt is returned in one payment;
  • MFIs offer a service to extend the term of issuing a microcredit at the request of a citizen.


How to get a loan of 500 rubles per card

How to get a loan of 500 rubles per card

Comfortably get a microloan directly to your personal bank card. Only on the name, which is served by international payment platforms Visa or Mastercard. In the application for a microloan, provide information about your own card, which are located on the surface of the card.

This is an expedited option for obtaining a loan from an MFI. After approval of the application, the money instantly goes to the card account. Such a microloan can be quickly obtained even at night. The application time does not matter, since the questionnaires are analyzed automatically.

So, if you have a passport, a card and access to the Internet, start registration and look for an MFI that gives 500 rubles in credit. After finding the right product, complete the proposed application and wait for the loan approval. As a rule, positive responses are received, and then the card balance is replenished by the amount of approved microcredit.


Alternative methods

Alternative methods

Also, instantly receive money transfer to a personal e-wallet. But this method is relevant when the funds are not needed in cash. You can withdraw 500 rubles from the card without any problems, but withdrawing a small amount from an electronic wallet is simply inappropriate.

You can choose loans to e-wallets if you need a payment of 500 rubles, for example, a mobile operator. 

Receive money and transfer to a bank account, but approved funds arrive at it within three days. MFIs also send loans to citizens through remittance platforms that instantly deliver funds.


How to repay a loan

When applying for a microcredit, registration is carried out on the website of the credit institution. Once logged in, make a payment transaction from your own bank card or e-wallet. Also use the standard methods: pay at the bank’s cash desks, via terminals, personal online bank and other methods. These options are reflected on the MFI website.

When making a microcredit, the borrower agrees with the loan agreement, according to which he is obliged to return the money in the appointed time. If payment is not received, the microfinance organization applies penalties and may attract collectors.

If you have problems with payment, find out if the MFI offers a prolongation. This is an extension of the term of the microcredit indefinitely. Prolongation will help to avoid accrual of interest and keep the credit biography in a pure form.