Homeless people evicted from hotels during lulls

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“It is not always easy and it does not always lead to good results.”

Mr Warner said the homeless often returned to the streets, boarding houses or surfing on a couch.

There are significantly fewer people in hotels for the homeless program during the state’s sixth lockdown than last year, but the number is not capped and is expected to rise if stay-at-home orders remain in place.

This is in part due to the 1,223 people who were moved from hotels to homes under the $ 150 million From Homelessness to Home program, which is more than half of the target announced in July. from last year. The remaining people are waiting to be treated in the hotels.


Mr Warner backed the calls in Thursday’s Infrastructure Victoria report to increase the number of social housing in addition to the $ 5.3 billion large-scale housing program announced last year that will fund 12,000 new homes social and affordable over four years.

He said the homelessness program was the envy of the nation, but it also needed to be expanded.

The government spokesperson confirmed that there had been 19,000 placements in the hotel program since the start of the pandemic. There were 1,667 people in the program last week.

At the height of the second state lockdown, Launch was hosting 2,500 people in hotels. As of Wednesday, it numbered 520 people in 46 hotels, including new cases and those waiting to be moved into a house since last December.

Unison Housing now has 170 households in hotels up from 500 at the same time last year, but the organization expects the number to increase every week as the lockdown continues.

It moved 228 households in the homeless program to a shelter.

Unison chief executive James King said it had also made it difficult for the housing organization to find housing for the homeless between closures.

“What is really difficult is that every time there is a foreclosure, we are asked to increase the number of homes [for] people sleeping rough and putting them in hotel rooms and then as soon as the lockdown is over we are told, ‘Okay, now you have to start not paying for this’ ”, a- he declared.

Stacey Aslangul, general manager of St Kilda Gatehouse, a drop-in center for sex workers, said around half of her clients who needed hotel accommodation during closures were receiving it.

She said the occupation designation of HIV-positive women for COVID made other sex workers fear being targeted or further stigmatized.

The two cases on Wednesday resulted in mass testing at St Kilda’s rooming houses and hostels. Vaccines were also provided in homeless services during the deployment.

Youth Projects chief executive Ben Vasiliou said the closest contacts to the two cases who had used the organization’s lounge in the CBD were located and tested on Wednesday after fearing it was hard work.


He said any positive case requiring a hotel quarantine would require social workers, medication and mental health support.

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